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Richard van Hooijdonk

Speaker & panelist

On this page you will find a complete overview of the product and service offerings by trendwatcher, futurist, and international keynote speaker Richard van Hooijdonk. The range consists of valuable content for 14 sectors and topics, including predictions and sample keynotes. It is our pleasure to offer assistance through inspiring marketing and sales support as well.


Bio & inspiration

This futurist has chips in his body


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Marketing & promotion


Richard van Hooijdonk is a renowned trendwatcher and futurist. He has several chip implants in his body through which he operates his car, as well as his home.

An extensive bio of Van Hooijdonk can be found here. We’re proud to share our publications with our partners and clients. In addition to over 1500 articles, we also offer more than 40 e-books and whitepapers on a variety of topics and sectors.

Bio & inspiration

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"You can’t really talk about the future without also being part of it”, says Richard van Hooijdonk. So he put his money where his mouth is. To date, he’s had several RFID chips injected into his body that perform various tasks for him. Van Hooijdonk is planning to have a number of additional chips implanted

This futurist has chips in his body

Great brands and organisations we work with


A keynote speaker is, of course, nothing without his team. Ten years ago, we put together a future intelligence team consisting of members located in countries all over the world.

On a daily basis, this international team of more than 20 specialists – including trendwatchers, analysts, marketers, copywriters, video editors, and graphic designers – is involved with the latest trends in many sectors.

All team members are also part of our future intelligence unit, TrendForce.one, and enable us to efficiently ‘translate’ rapid market developments into keynote lectures and masterclasses. Thanks to this team, our clients’ customisation requests can also be processed faster and more efficiently.


We offer various products and services, including keynote lectures, workshops, masterclasses, professional webinars, virtual reality or hologram lectures, and video productions. During a keynote, Van Hooijdonk can give a live demo of the functions of the various chip implants in his body.


Our keynotes can be held at any desired location. The duration of a lecture varies from 30 to 60 minutes. Shorter and longer keynotes are also possible. While our keynote lectures mainly focus on a specific sector or topic, we can also put together a customised version. A sector or topic lecture, which examines the trends in a sector, is often combined with a lecture about the future of the organisation. During keynotes on the future of the organisation, attendees are shown ways in which organisations can adapt to the rapidly changing world. Our clients experience this as a valuable keynote combination.
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Clients  also regularly book our masterclasses.  In many cases, a masterclass has a specific sector or topic focus and combines the advantages of a keynote with those of a workshop. Whereas a keynote inspires, a workshop is where the acquired knowledge and inspiration are put into practice. During a masterclass, participants are coached and teams presented to each other. This is one of the reasons why a masterclass is very valuable as in-company training for companies and organisations.

A keynote can be extended with a Q&A, a supporting poll, an interview, or a round table discussion. In addition, we have exclusive offers for certain sectors. For example, you can combine a keynote with one of our annual trend packages.

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In addition to lectures and master classes, we offer a unique service for clients who book a lecture. For an additional fee, they receive one year of trend updates on desired sectors or topics. Based on these trends, the organisation can, possibly with our support, start developing future scenarios. The trends, statistics, and predictions serve to support the development of scenarios and the strategy to be chosen. In addition, important interim trends and developments can be a reason to change the approach. If you are interested in this, please let us know. This service is provided by our future intelligence unit, Trendforce.one.

A wide array of lectures is available for many sectors and on a variety of topics.


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Generic & topic talks

Industry talks

Trends 2030

The organization of the future

Welcome to the New reality

The future of Crime & security

The future of Marketing & media

The future of Work

The future of Agriculture

The future of Construction

The future of Healthcare

The future of Education

The future of Finance

The future of Logistics & Supply chain

The future of Retail

The future of Cities

The future with the Government

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Pricing talks

Virtual - starting at - $ 4.000

Europe & UK - starting at - $ 9.000

US - starting at - $ 18.000

Asia - starting at - $ 18.000

Africa - starting at - $ 18.000

The final price will be determined in consultation. Discounts are possible if lectures can be combined, or in the case of a tour.

Although we have a large variety of keynote lectures available, sometimes clients request other keynote topics. In these cases, we schedule a brainstorm with the agency and the client, upon which we base our research and develop a new keynote, masterclass, webinar, or video production.


The keynote lectures by trendwatcher & futurist Richard van Hooijdonk will also be held online. We have a private studio with all the equipment and technology needed to offer a quality, inspiring program. Our interactive online keynotes are based on visual content, boasting clear images and engaging video footage.


Our marketing team can help inspire your clients and prospects to book one of our events. We can, for instance, develop a content and marketing package around certain themes that consist of e-books, whitepapers, videos, sample keynotes, or video teasers. An example of such a theme could be 'cybercrime month' or a 'future of education project'. This marketing support not only provides leads but has a positive effect on the image of an agency as well.

Marketing & Promotion

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Excerpts from Richard's talks

Company of the future #NEXT

Trends 2030 #NEXT

The ultimate goal is, of course, the sale of a keynote or masterclass, or rather a series of keynotes or masterclasses. And because clients often contact and compare multiple agencies and keynote speakers, a competitive edge is important. We have used the 'brainstorming concept' with some agencies before – and with excellent conversion results. As part of the collaboration, we would like to offer such an online brainstorming session with Richard van Hooijdonk.


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Manfred Graf
Director- General EC
You gave us all honest, inspired and entertaining insights. Your performance was highly appreciated by the conference participants and EU members.
Maarten Buikhuisen
CEO global solutions
Enthusiastic speaker, a good and versatile story. Everyone was ‘wowed’ by the lecture.
Jan Struijs
Commander Dutch Police
Your contribution was particularly dynamic and inspiring! The participants experienced recognition, awareness and certainly, a wake-up call. In short, an excellent contribution through a highly professional performance.
Patrick Steemers
Partner Deloitte
A dazzling journey through new technology. The enthusiasm and energy during his presentation, combined with the visuals, provided a successful kick- off to our event
Rob Pols
CEO Atos
An impressive and noteworthy presentation for our employees and customers. The rate at which change is happening - which you eloquently brought across in your energetic speech - requires a disruptive approach. To be continued!
Alexander Schnitger
Lieutenant-General Royal Airforce
The symposium ‘Airpower in the Information Age’ was a great success. Nothing but positive feedback from the participants. In no small part thanks to your commitment and dedication, we were able to achieve this result.
Arjan van Dijk
Great keynote that really opened our eyes. Sparkling and energetic, from beginning to end. Thanks Richard, for showing us this different view of the fitness market and its future.
Alex Drost
Director Dutch Customs
With your presentation you awakened the customs organisation. At the end of the day it turned out that your presentation had made the biggest impression. You made sure the issues were put on Strategic Management’s radar.