Although we only have one planet to live on, we haven’t been doing a great job at protecting it. We’re reaching an environmental tipping point, and exploring ways to leverage state-of-the-art tech to generate and store more sustainable energy is becoming increasingly important.

Trends that Shape the Future of Energy

We’re on the fast track to depleting all of our finite energy sources while polluting the environment. It’s critically important for the survival of our planet that we start taking renewable energy sources seriously. Thankfully, the future of energy is increasingly centred around solar and wind energy, improved batteries, and technological trends like big data, blockchain, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Developments in solar and wind energy look especially promising with offshore wind parks emerging all over the world and solar energy becoming an increasingly common and preferred option for many homeowners and businesses alike. To improve the batteries for storing wind and solar energy, Harvard scientists Ray Gordon and Michael Aziz have developed a redox flow battery that can last ten years. Researchers hope that one day, hydrogen can be used as a clean energy source as well.

Big data can play an important role in improving the efficiency of the energy sector. For example, Siemens adjusts the operations of its offshore turbines by analysing data about the temperature of the air and the turbine, the wind speed, and current energy needs. And energy companies such as Sonnen and Tennet TSO use blockchain to develop systems that manages power transfers between residents and the electrical grid.

These and other inventions indicate the direction in which the energy sector is heading. We’ve been closely monitoring these developments, and you can find more information about energy innovations and renewable projects on our blog.