Trends 2020

In this increasingly digitalised world, traditional methods and processes are often no longer efficient. Industry after industry is feeling the pressure to adapt to changes and implement new technologies. There’s no stopping these rapid technological developments. Not every innovation ends up being a success story, but developing ways of applying technology should be a priority in every industry, now and in the future.


More and more companies – in construction, retail, energy and many other sectors – make use of advanced technology. AI and robotics, for instance, bring about enormous changes in healthcare, which is now much more accessible to patients. In the financial sector, a multitude of apps and AI-powered platforms offer customers useful financial tools. And even in construction, until recently one of the least digitised industries, people are now also beginning to see the importance of implementing new technologies.

In this free e-book we highlight the most important industries in which technological trends will bring about a transformation in the coming years.



Topspeaker, trendwatcher and futurist

Richard van Hooijdonk