The Future of Agriculture

How will technology change agriculture in 2030? How does biotech ensure efficient crops and healthy animals? How do robots, drones and big data reshape the industry? Is the farm of the future a tech company?

The future of agriculture is inspiring. The future of agriculture is full of promise. Tomatoes containing all the vitamins we need. Drones analysing the fields and algorithms predicting the harvest. The smart greenhouse doesn’t require any staff as sensors and robots do the work. New systems such as geothermal energy and solar cells provide sustainable benefits and blockchain technology makes the supply chain more efficient. Welcome to the future of the agricultural sector! This lecture can be combined with ‘Organisation of the future’. It can also be customised on request.



Through selective breeding, farmers have been improving animals and plants for thousands of years, leading to the domesticated animals and plants used in livestock and crop agriculture today. Breeding has become much more sophisticated in the 20th century, with traits selected producing greater yields, enhanced flavours and drought and pest resistance. Recently, scientists have started genetically modifying crops to improve this process. Welcome to biotech.


Drone technology gives the agricultural sector a high-tech makeover. Aerial and ground-based drones can be used throughout the crop cycle. They can perform soil and field analyses, shoot seed pods and plant nutrients into the soil and spray crops with the correct amount of pesticide. They can offer advanced forms of crop monitoring, better crop management, high-tech irrigation and real-time crop health assessments.


Agriculture and renewable energy are an excellent combination. Solar, wind and biomass energy can be continuously generated, providing farmers with additional sources of income. Some farms have become energy suppliers by leasing out land to energy companies. Solar panels, wind turbines and biomass digesters that produce biogas are increasingly becoming part of the future of agriculture


Not only does artificial intelligence enable the automation of farming activities, it can also help make predictions on the best time to plant, apply fertilisers and harvest, all based on historical and climate data collected from sensors. This data is converted into information that can be used for planning and monitoring, managing herds, crops and land, and help with individual management decisions for animals and plants.


Robots enable massive production increases while reducing the need for resources. They can autonomously navigate their environment, plant seeds, pick fruits, apply fertiliser and take measurements. Robots and the high-tech nature of modern agriculture make farming an exciting career, poised to attract new people into the profession.


The concept of indoor, vertical farming is turning agriculture as we’ve known it on its head. Unlike traditional, single-layer farming, vertically farmed crops are grown in smaller, often soil-less areas, stacked upwards in buildings in which growing conditions are carefully controlled. Vertical agriculture is also increasingly associated with urban farming, bringing food production closer to those living in the cities while reducing transportation costs and CO2 emissions.


With the world population growing at breakneck speed, the need for agriculture to transition into smart farming is becoming increasingly pressing. To increase productivity and stay sustainable at the same time, it’s important for farmers to embrace, harness and introduce new technologies. Connected agriculture enables farmers to manage the different aspects of their businesses more efficiently while enhancing the wellbeing of livestock through real-time monitoring and reporting technology.


The company of the future is hyper connected. It closely monitors new developments and collaborates with startups, scientists and universities. It uses smart algorithms to analyse the world and employs a flexible workforce capable of rapidly developing new products, services or processes and offering support on complex issues. The company of the future requires accessible leaders who inspire, have new visions and are prepared to veer off the beaten track.


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As the global population soars, can we keep up with hunger? Vertical farming, smart algorithms, and gene editing promise a future in which farmers can feed the world.


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